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The training offered by Intraed is eminently self-taught and intended for anyone related to financial activity on Foreign Trade. Special fit has this training for the Financial Sector, Business Schools and Business Associations.

For SME and Business clients

For the Financial Sector, within its function of advising and accompanying SME and Business clients, this training is especially useful for its commercial force, since it provides it with all the financial concepts and knowledge necessary to advise on the activity of Foreign trade.

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For more scalable training with content that sticks

E-learning & Virtual Training

Intraed is a comprehensive teaching and testing tools with interactive hotspots, question or quiz cards, integrated scoring, reporting systems and LMS integration.


Interactive training from anywhere in the world and directly from the browser; compatible with any smartphone, tablet, computer and VR glasses


Interactivity and information points to guide the user experience and expand the information with videos
and interactive documents

Virtual reality

The Intraed interactive courses are online 24h and are compatible with any virtual reality glasses to allow the user to follow the courses in person

Virtual scenarios

360 scenarios change depending on the theme or module

Live Guided Training

The new concept for training your employees

A virtual meeting room on top of a 360ยบ training, this feature can be best described as a marriage between a video call and interactive training.

Use Intraed on your website and allow your employees to log in and let you speak and guide them as they do the online training.

They can shop around on their own or follow the trainer's screen to have you point out the details and make a personal introduction.

They may also request that their screens be imitated on the trainer's screen and everyone else's to ask questions about specific parts of the training.

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